Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Story in the Past #5 (part 2)

First of all, I want to say sorry for this late posting… I failed to connect online because my modem (Johnny) gone “short short” (crazy). For the first time my modem flashing it’s LED happily changing here and there. I think it means that “finally I can get myself out of this ‘tut’er’s hand.” My modem passed away this afternoon and gave birth to a new black colored, cool looking modem (Orlando). As a result, my connection works perfectly.

I’ve said that human beings are so damn special. Any place and time they will find a way to make you complaint about them. Today in Part 2, I’ll say about human behavior in bus. Well, taking bus will have several steps:

First step: getting onto bus

When the bus came, normally people will start to stuck at the door, what I should emphasis on are, PREGNANT LADIES. Please la auntie woi! You got that basketball stick on your body ok, don’t go stuck together with other creatures la! What happen if your basketball burst? Why so kiasu? No matter what, there must be somebody will let their seat for you! Second things are bus drivers. They just not so happy with customers flowing in, trying to find problems with customers. What I’ve seen before is, got one lady rushing in by flashing her ticket then walk in. the bus driver immediately shout at her and ask her to show ticket. The lady shouted “APA! (WHAT!)”; the driver shout “MAI SINI TUNJUK TICKET (COME HERE SHOW YOUR TICKET!)” then blab la bla… bla bla bla… they shout here and there then slowly lower down their voices and end up with continuing their own business.

Second step: get a seat or find a place to stand

When I was sitting in a bus, I noticed a lot of things for me to complain. There are pregnant ladies, blinds and handicapped walked in. Immediately, some people read newspaper cover their faces and some immediately fall asleep. Only people that similar to me, kind hearted and potential candidates to live longer and go to heaven after dead, will offer our seats. Those who suddenly feel tired and suddenly concern to the news, will go to hell… no matter what religion they belong.

Third step: get out of the bus

Only thing to complain is about the bus drivers. As I said before, they always try to find problems with customers that not only flowing in but flowing out. Some of the drivers that not happy, will open only back door and ORDER the people that wanted to go out by front door to go out from back door EVEN IF THE BUS ONLY 3 PEOPLES (exactly what happened today). My bus from metro prima to kepong sentral. The bus only got one middle age man, one lady and me (since the driver cannot count as a human). I was near to the front door, less than one meter. He asked me to go out from back door.

As a conclusion, Malaysian public transports are hopeless. They are giving out chances for other companies with better services to take over them you see. So, those people who want to start a business, if you can do better compare to them, go a head. I sokong you.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Story in the Past #5 (part 1)

Human being are special aren’t they? Today, I am going to complain on some people I met when I’m taking public transports. Since I came to KL for my study, almost every type of public transport I’ve taken. Putra LRT, Star LRT, Monorail, Buses, KTM Commuter & Taxi. KTM and Bus are the services I taken the most. So, today in part 1, I’ll say about human behavior in KTM. Well, taking KTM will have several steps:

First step: Buy Ticket

This is going to focus on the KTM ticket seller. Normally I won’t go to their ticket machine unless the ticket booth not yet open or I got plenty of coins. Almost every morning, I reach KTM station Kepong at 6.30a.m, the booth just open. There were once I forget to prepare small change. I got RM50 only in my wallet. I approach to the booth and tell that creature I don’t have small change, he immediately turn black face and ask me stand aside. What I have to do is either go ask for small change from other people at the platform or I have to stand there and wait for them to have enough change. O-hellloo~~~ you are providing service, although I am wrong too but at least you have to prepare some small change la, what kind of service sector is this! Gila punya orang.

After spent some time waiting for Commuter…

Second step: go in to the commuter

From far away, when creatures start to notice the commuter, immediately they rush to the yellow line and when the commuter stops, they will block the door. From the point of kiasu, normally I will think, if you go in first, will other people call you champion? Why must you rush in? Don’t you know that there are some people want to come out? Other than that, I think some of them just don’t want to stand in the train. Oh please la… not that you are injured or handicapped? You are as healthy as I am! When I manage to get to stand in front of the door, guys, guess what I’ll do? I will block them aside and stand still until ABbody comes out. Bwahahaha… I was damn happy that I purposely put black face and block them with my big shoulder. What those creatures can do is “cik!” “cik!” behind me. They don’t dare to scold me. Bwahahahaha.

Third step: Get a place to sit/stand in commuter

There are more things that I can say under this step.

First: Well, it is really boring in commuter when I don’t have kaki to chit chat with. As what I said in previous post, I’ll start to look around me. One Skill I hate about Chinese in KL is, when I dunno them and they dunno me, when we see each others, they’ll immediately stare at me as if I am their enemy. Please la, you’re not that handsome or pretty. You pay me money also I don’t want to look at you la.

Second: when I saw some auntie and uncle around 40 – 50 or adult from 30 – 40 with hand full of goods, I will consider to let he/she have my seat. One of my experiences is, I saw a fat lady with hand full of goods, I immediately stand up and let her have the seat. She refuses to sit and give me a fake smile. Everybody is looking towards us and she still refuse to sit. Damn shy! After this case, I only let my seat for blinds, pregnant ladies, old, old, old uncle and auntie. Other than that, if you want my seat, send me an official letter then I’ll think of it.

Third: This is when I do not have a seat. I’ve had to stand holding the pole or lean against the door or what so ever. What I hate the most is when I have to hold the pole and the train is slightly packed. Some creatures just have to come out and let people hate them. There were once I was trying to hold the thing and a pair of dog boy girl was flirting there. Holding each other’s waist, the male one lean against the center pipe thingy, and the female one lean against the male creature. i stare at the back, looking from up to down, one thing that irritated me the most is, the male Ass longkang(drain), he place it exactly on the pole. What I do is, I wait until I got chance, I hold the pole and make sure my finger joint aim to his back bone. He will automatically move away and stand still(still holding the female waist). Same one to a chinese girl, she lean against the pole as if she accidentally lost her back bone. I was scolding her inside: “你脊椎拿去喂狗了啊?” (“you feed your dog with your back bone izzit?”) I use same skill on her but this time on her shoulder. After that, I damn happy partying in my mind.

The last step: Get out of the commuter

Same things apply to every station, creatures will block at the door. Eh, you people want to come in, you at least let people to go out la… if the commuter remain full, how are you going to get a place inside? Use your brain la~~~ where you put your brain? In your knee or toe? Even if it is small, you need to use it then only it will become big ma!

Here are some things I want to complain about human behavior in Commuter. To know about buses, come back again next for my new post.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Story in the Past #4 + New story today.

I always think, why there are people provide public transports. Seriously in my heart, I feel that the employers and employees of public transports companies share same interest – to piss their customers off. They purposely make people angry and then they will happily say in their heart: “not happy arr? Don’t take my service la!!! I got tai pa (a lot more) money to earn from other customer. Less one customer like you wont affect my income anyway…”. Still, they don’t dare to say out loud because they just like money no matter how much is it.

I will only emphasize on bus only. Mainly because they are the one that piss me the most. This is totally from my own experience. There were once I was doing my internship at Kelana Jaya, everyday have to switch 3 buses for me to reach the company. That day, I was so happy that I got out of office exactly at 5.15pm and manage to get buses from office to kelana jaya station and from there to one Utama. When I reach at one Utama, there were a few buses with no sign that shows the bus number. I did what usually I’ve done; I walk to the “Nest” (the office for the bus supervisor and the resting place for bus drivers), and talk to the supervisor. The conversation is always like this:

Me : Bang, itu bas mana pergi? (brother, which way the bus going?)

Supervisor : You mau pergi mana? (where you want to go?)

This is the first “tut”ing answer I got every time I ask this question. Normally, after this answer, there will have two conditions.

The first condition:

Me : I mau pergi Kepong. (I want to go kepong)

Supervisor : Bus sudah pergi. (bus already gone)

This is when I am in good mood, and the second “tut”ing answer I got every time I ask this question and then I will walk away cursing they die young although they are old.

The second condition:

Me : I Tanya, mana itu bus pergi? (I asked, where that bus go?)

Supervisor : Mana lu mau pergi? (Where you want to go?)

This is when I’m in bad mood

As a conclusion, no matter I’m in what bloody mood, these living creature just can’t give an answer that is satisfying. CANT THEY JUST ANSWER MY QUESTION? THIS IS SUCH SIMPLE QUESTION AND EVEN A NORMAL PEOPLE CAN ANSWER! I TELL YOU MR SUPERVISORS, YOU’RE LUCKY THAT TEENAGE NOWADAYS ARE AIMING FOR HIGH PAY. IF NOT, YOUR EMPLOYER WONT KEEP YOU. I DON’T THINK THAT YOUR JOB IS HARD. ANYONE THAT WANT TO DO IT CAN LEARN IT WITHIN ONE DAY. I am saying this because I found that the only thing these living creatures done that I’ve seen are: shouting “kepong, kepong” or “KL sentral, KL sentral” or whatever, when the bus departing; you put signature on some paper that have writings; you tell people what time the “tut”ing bus coming (that sometimes not true); you chit chat with the bus drivers; and even flirt with costomers. After seeing all these, I can also conclude that even a primary school graduate that have mature mind can easily do better than you.

In the end, I wish you die young ok?

BTW, today, in the sun newspaper, got one big piece of bullshit that spoiled my mood (slightly) that I want you people to look at. The Sun newspaper October 2, 2007 page 9 about Beyonce. Or go to this link, http://www.suntimes.com/entertainment/people/583312,CST-FTR-lifebeyonce02.article . This is such stupid thing to happen. Anyone who have same feeling, express out in that chat box.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Story in the Past #3

I can still remember my first few times go to college on my own. During that time, I still don’t know that Help main block there are called Pusat Bandar Damansara. Everyday, I’ll have to go in to the bus and ask “pergi HELP institute? HELP college?”. I can still remember the driver - A Chinese driver that always show his *tut*ing black and hyper sour face to his passengers. When I ask him in my lousy Cantonese “is this bus going to Help Institute?” I don’t know why his face turn darker (it was already dark before that) and he responded me rudely (I forgotten what this old thing said). It seems that black and sour face is a disease among bus drivers, especially public bus drivers. Almost every bus I took, the bus drivers are black and sour. I always think “aren’t they belong to service sector? They are supposed to smile nicely to me as customer to them. I pay the money to get the service but why must I look at your *tut*ing black and sour face?” To All black and sour face drivers, I can understand that it is boring to drive the same bus and same route. However, if you are not happy with it, just go a head leave and look for something you like to do! Don’t darken your company’s name. In my opinion, your salary is good. If you don’t want to do, there are still a lot more people want to take the job. So GET LOST!!!

Friday, September 28, 2007

Stories in the Past #2

A little bit earlier than usual, I took the earliest KTM and reaches KL central at 6.30++. On the cold bus, only a few passengers and the bus driver. I must first state clearly that I AM NOT DISCRIMINATE MALAY, but it seems that only Malay bus drivers smoke. Normally what the drivers do is they smoke outside the bus but this particular day, this driver smoke in the bus. WALAU... this man trying to kill me man! in a sense that second-hand smoke even more harmful than first hand. I would like to quote a phrase i heard from Andrew these few days: "I hope i can sue him(a smoker) because he is trying to kill us with the second-hand smoke". Well, I am totally agree with that because they are killing us for fun (without motive). So, if i was authorized, i will tell these drivers face to face, GET OUT AND POLLUTE YOUR OWN LUNG! I WANT TO LIVE LONGER!!! From religion side, i will say:"DID YOUR GOD GIVE YOU THIS BODY TO DESTROY IT?" So, smokers out there, I can apply one phrase from Dr. Yap in this situation, "Good Luck".

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Story in the Past #1

Before i start anything, I will use the phrase "Living Creature(s)" or "Human Being(s)" when I want to address someone i hate.

This is an incident i saw that happened right in front of me.
I was doing Foundation in Arts at Help University College. I stay in Kepong and i have to wake up early in the morning at 5.45a.m. , prepare myself, leave house at 6.15a.m, reach Kepong KTM station at 6.30a.m. take a KTM and reach KL central at 7.00a.m, and i'll have to take a Bus to Pusat Bandar Damansara where HELP main campus located. This is the same routine for me, everyday. I am forced to spend alot of time on public transport, i make full use of the time looking at human behavior.

I can still remember on that day, as usual, i was sitting in the bus, with a sleepy mood(quite cooling in the bus, good place to sleep). I able to get a seat near the driver, and start to look at people around, see if got anybody i know so that i can talk with (or atleast say hi). I saw a blind lady; a blind malay lady that took the bus every morning, standing alone afew meters in front of the bus while the bus driver start the engine and prepare to depart. Normally there are somebody that help her to get in to the bus, but she was alone and i am sure that the bus driver knew that she need to take the bus (there are not many blind people take the bus, from my experience, only 2 ladies and one man). The bus driver dont even bother to help her get in the bus. He straight away start the engine and depart from KL central. One question in my mind that i want to ask the driver is, did you went to school? no matter primary school or secondary school, agama or moral studies must be include in syllable. Or, what religion you(the stupid driver) you in? i dont remember there are any religion that tell you to do so. Second thought came to me is, is money that important (in a sense that handicapped are given free ride)? I was really angry with the driver. Until now I still remember that incident. So people, please help people when they need ok!!!


Well Hi ABbody~~~

Welcome to my brand new blog. This is a blog that will be use to keep all the complaints i met in life. For those who don't know me, i used to have my personal blog that i created it because of trend. I posted some complaints there. However, I just can't recall the password (i was stupid enough to think for those weird passwords that i can't really remember). Well, I've "grown up" and i learn from my mistakes, now i called myself a good "password-er". So, please feel free to drop by when you're free to check out for new post(s)... if there's any

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